We are pleased to announce that our parent company FlyDreams Aircraft (which includes our Academy) has just completed a project for the delivery of the aircraft Cessna TTX to the Eastern Europe.

On Friday last week, the aircraft started a cross-Atlantic flight from New York City and the northern Atlantic route through Gus Bay (Canada), Greenland, Iceland, Scotland.

But before sending it to Europe, the aircraft owner and manager of SkyEagle Aviation Academy Andrey Borisevich made a fascinating journey through the most beautiful places of the United States, flying more than 5,000 miles!

Flight path map: Fort Lauderdale to California to New York

We now offer a new direction for renters, students and time-builders – air traveling in planes and helicopters!

We are ready to develop, prepare and guide you along the routes, including the most beautiful places of the United States or to the Caribbean Islands as well. Our students already have flown from Florida – Niagara Falls – New York. Our route was: Florida – Nevada – California – Utah – Colorado – New York – Florida. Many times we flew to Chicago and North Carolina in helicopters and airplanes. The most exciting tour is air traveling in plane or helicopter. This is the only way you can visit the most picturesque places in a very short time.

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