Multi Engine Rating

7 hours of ground, 7 hours of flight

The multi-engine aircraft rating is available for private pilot certificate holders, commercial pilots, and airline pilots. Without this rating, pilots are limited to only flying single engine aircraft, which significantly lowers the chances of employment as most aviation corporations fly multi-engine aircraft. It is possible to obtain a rating for a commercial multi engine add on – this is a rating that must be added to the existing commercial certificate for one engine.

In addition, twin-engine aircraft give you more safety and recovery possibilities in case of engine failures. All such aircraft are designed so that it’s possible to continue normal flight and reach the closest airport in case one engine fails. This requires an attentive and skilled pilot with a commercial multi engine license.

We offer special program ATP Multi-Engine for foreign ATPL holders. More information on the site ATP.Academy.

Course Program

Minimum requirements: 7 hours of ground, 7 hours of flight

Our Multi-Engine aircraft training program averages 7 hours of ground instruction and 7 hours of flight instruction. The amount of time spent depends on the ability to comprehend the knowledge on the ground and proficiency of flight performance in the air.

Some training flights can be performed in our RedBird Fight Simulator. This device can simulate many procedures, including single engine operations such as shutdown and startup during the flight, take-off and landing, and instrument approaches.

All mentioned procedures are also conducted in an actual aircraft for real world training. Recall that a multiengine airplane is an airplane with two or more engines. We use the twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess and Tecnam P2006T for training flights. They allow us not only to perform safe and level flight, but for climbs, turns, and descent. These aircraft are equipped with GPS and autopilot, which makes the training ideal for future airline pilots that will fly aircraft with the most advanced technology.


Multi Engine Add-on (private or commercial)


Multi-Engine rating (add-on, part 61)

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Course duration14 hours
Course price$3,605
Available for US and foreign citizens
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