Helicopter Private Pilot License

From 8 to 12 weeks

The private helicopter pilot license is the first step in the path to understanding the principles of vertical flight. You can start your training with zero time and experience in a helicopter.  If you already hold an airplane pilot certificate, your rotorcraft training will be less complex as you will already have the foundation for basic aeronautical knowledge.

Our complete Private Pilot Training Course includes 40 flight hours, which includes 30 hours of flight instruction and 10 hours of solo flight.

During our training program you will learn how to hover the aircraft while making coordinated turns.  You will also learn how to carry out various maneuvers at low speeds with close proximity to the ground.

Then you then learn to fly in circles, while at the same time, learn how to conduct different approach procedures.  The approaches consist of normal glide path, a steep glide path, and a shallow glide path. You will also learn all of the emergency procedures, including equipment and engine failures.

After performing your first solo flight, you will then continue on to your final stage in the course. Here you will learn flight-planning, briefings, and performing flights in a monitored space, etc.

At the end of our course, the student must pass the stage check administrered by our chief pilot. Upon successful completion, the student will be able to take the FAA checkride with an examiner. The private pilot license examination includes the oral exam, (theory) which may take up to three hours. The checkride (practical) includes the execution of maneuvers in accordance with the PTS requirements.

Entry Requirements for the Helicopter Private Pilot Course:
    • An FAA Class 3 medical
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • TSA-authorization for foreign students

    All students must pass an FAA written exam during the course, prior to going solo.

    After successful completion of the FAA-checkride, our graduates obtain an FAA Private Pilot License, which allows them to fly rotorcraft.

Private Helicopter Pilot
Program and price sheet

The minimum time requirements include 40 hours of flight time, as well as 30 hours of ground school. These hours may be increased at the discretion of the Chief Pilot.


Download the program and the price of the Helicopter Private Pilot Course.

Enrollment application
Course duration3-4 weeks
Course price$25,900
Available for US and foreign citizens
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