About Skyeagle Aviation Academy

SEVIS Approved Part 141 SkyEagle Aviation Academy offers the highest standards of airmanship training available, in accordance with approved programs and FAA certification. As a dynamic developing flight school in Florida,  we are implementing a strategy of qualitative education for all students from different countries. We focus on high standards of training, experienced and talented instructors, and excellent condition of our aircraft.

We specialize in professional training programs for future pilots starting from the very first steps in their career up to the moment they receive their commercial pilots license.

We use our own private fleet of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft for training and recreational flights. Our aircraft are expertly maintained and feature the most modern avionics.

SkyEagle Aviation Academy is an FAA certified flight school.  We offer Part 141 programs as well as Part 61 from Private Pilot up to Airline Transport Pilot.

Our management team


Anton Murashov

Co-Investor and Partner

Anton holds a private pilot helicopter license from Austria, as well as FAA multi-engine airplane, with an Instrument Rating, which he received while studying at SkyEagle.


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Joe Cannizzaro


Chief Operating Officer, Chief Instructor, CFI / CFII / MEI. More than 4500 hours.


Andrey Borisevich


CEO, Training and Development manager of Academy, responsible for new training programs, emerging markets, marketing and business strategy.

Our instructors


Dylan Forbes

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII. More than 800 hours.


Allessio Barragato

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII. More than 800 hours.


Paul Janecki

Flight Instructor

Chief Instructor. ATP ME / CFI / CFII / MEI, more than 12000 hours.


Iegor Ratunda

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII, check airman. More than 1600 hours.


Alexander Zhuperin

Helicopter Chief Instructor

CFI. More than 2800 hours.

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Alexandar Cendic

Flight Instructor

CFI, more than 300 hours.

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Vincent De Barros

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII. More than 800 hours.


Cara Ming

Flight Instructor

CFII / MEI. More than 400 hours.


Rachel McDonald

Flight Instructor

CFII / MEI. More than 800 hours.


Luke Poulos

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII / MEI. More than 1300 hours.


Valentina Poulos

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII. More than 1200 hours.


Richard John

Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII. More than 500 hours.


Everything for Quality Education

We have two locations located two minutes from each other: The Headquarters and the Hangar. There are classrooms, offices, student lounges, a kitchen, and a music studio in the Headquarters. In the Hangar there several classes for training and briefing, as well as a RedBird Simulator and an FAA Testing Center. This center is necessary for the following courses: Private PilotInstrument RatingCommercial PilotProfessional PilotCFI/CFII/MEI. Each of these programs require a written test before the final check ride exam.  The center is equipped with personal computers, which are connected to the FAA database. Our chef pilot and his assistant are certified to administer the exams.
We are training and preparing students who will be making crucial decisions and ensuring the safety of themselves and their passengers.