Win an Introductory Flight and other gifts at Sun’n’Fun 2024

SkyEagle Aviation Academy invites you to win flight experiences and get extra flight hours at the Sun’n’Fun Festival. Follow us, share your stories, and enroll in our programs for bonus hours and exclusive gifts. Find details below:

1. Win an Introductory Flight 

SkyEagle Aviation Academy is delighted to extend an invitation to aviation enthusiasts from around the globe to attend the 50th anniversary of the Sun’n’Fun Festival in Lakeland, Florida, and to participate in our exclusive contest. This unique opportunity will present three lucky winners with the chance to embark on a 45-minute discovery flight experience. It’s a chance to gain an amazing experience for free!

Left until the draw:

2024/04/14 19:00:00

How to Participate:

  1. Follow and Engage: Start by following @skyeagleaviation on Instagram. Show your support and stay updated with the latest news from SkyEagle Aviation Academy.
  2. Post a story: Visit us at Booth N-050 in Hangar C and capture your moment. Post a story featuring SkyEagle or ATP.Academy branding from the booth. Tag our Instagram account @skyeagleaviation in your story.
  3. Express Your Dream: Let your followers know about your passion for flying by including “I want to fly” in your story. It’s your chance to share your aviation dream with the world. 

SkyEagle Aviation Academy will feature each participating story on our official Instagram account, amplifying your voice and dream within the aviation community.

Selection of Winners:

After the Sun’n’Fun Festival ends, SkyEagle Aviation Academy will gather all the entries from the 6-day event. We will pick three lucky winners in a random draw. This makes it fair and exciting for everyone. We will record the drawing process and post it on our Instagram. This way, everyone can see how we choose the winners, making the contest open and exciting.

 Gift Details:

Each of the three selected winners will be granted a 45-minute flight journey, offering them an opportunity to take to the skies and experience the joy of flying firsthand. SkyEagle Aviation Academy is excited to bring this opportunity to aviation enthusiasts and future pilots.

Entry Deadline:

Participants must enter the contest by April 14, 7 PM, to be eligible for the draw. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the three lucky winners to take flight!

We believe in the power of dreams and the thrill of flight. Join us at Sun’n’Fun 2024, participate in the “Win a Flight Gift” contest, and let your aviation dreams take flight!

2. Take Off with 5 FREE Flight Hours: Exclusive Sign-Up Bonus!

Sign up for our Professional Pilot Program, Airline Career Pilot Program, or EASA ATPL & FAA Commercial Pilot, at our booth and get 5 FREE HOURS of flying!

Left until the Exclusive Program Sign-Up Bonus:

2024/04/14 23:59:00

Here’s how you can get your 5 extra hours:

1. Come to our booth and sign up for one of the programs: Professional Pilot Program, Airline Career Pilot Program, or EASA ATPL & FAA Commercial Pilot.

2. Complete your Enrollment form and secure your spot with a minimum deposit of $1,000 by 11:59 PM on April 14th.

Choose your preferred method to fill out the Enrollment Form: either online through the provided link or in person by requesting a paper form from our team at Booth C-050 in Hangar C.

For electronic submissions, please email your completed form to [email protected] or upload it along with any additional documents on the Admission page (please scroll down to find the upload section).

3. After you fly your first 10 hours in the program, we will give you 5 flying hours for free.

Remember, you need to complete the first 10 hours of your program to get the extra hours.

Join us at Sun’n’Fun 2024 and let your dream of flying take flight!

About SkyEagle Aviation Academy:

Located in Fort Lauderdale, 40 miles north of Miami, Florida, SkyEagle Aviation Academy is a leading flight school offering Professional pilot programs. With a focus on high-quality training from zero to Commercial Pilot License and Airline Pilot License. SkyEagle has graduated over 1000 students since its inception in 2010. As a Part 141 flight school approved by the FAA and SEVIS, SkyEagle supports international students with M-1 visas and offers unique financing packages for local students.

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