Foreign Certificate Validation

Into FAA PPL License

If you are the proud owner of a pilot certificate issued in any other country, you may validate your certificate and convert it into an FAA Restricted Private Pilot Certificate.

Any foreign certificate that is held may be validated. For ATP Certificates, there are other requirements including a written examination and the ATP-CTP course.

We recommend to watch this video with Step-by-Step guidance “How to validate your ICAO license”.

Validation of ICAO license to FAA license: step-by-step guidance!

The instructions for the validation process are as follows:

  1. You need to visit website  IACRA. This is the web-based certification/rating application that guides the user through the FAA’s airman application process. New User Guide is here.
  2. Register on this website and create an account.
  3. Login to your IACRA account and click the button “Start Foreign License Verification Process” and follow instructions and upload your ICAO license and medical.
  4. You will receive a letter from the FAA within 45-90 days, which will confirm receipt of your documents and approval to make an appointment with an examiner to process the appropriate paperwork.
  5. We will arrange an examination date once you arrive in the United States.
  6. During your meeting with the examiner, he will review your documents and verify you are proficient in the English Language.

Note: If the examiner considers your English Language proficiency as insufficient for flight training, he may refuse the issuance of the validation.

6. After obtaining your temporary restricted certificate, you have to pass an FAA Flight Review in accordance with section §61.56 CFR 14.

The flight review, which is given by a certified flight instructor, consists of one hour of ground school followed by one hour of flight instruction.  During the flight review, an instructor must confirm a pilot’s knowledge and proficiency of, radio communication, awareness, pilotage, classification of airspace, and any other knowledge deemed necessary for a private pilot in the United States.

After successful completion of the flight review, the pilot obtains an entry in his log book, which enables him to perform the duties of pilot in command for the aircraft class and type, which is listed on the pilot certificate.

Note: The new validated FAA Certificate is based on credentials with the foreign certificate. This means it is a restricted certificate and coincides with the validity of the foreign certificate. We are always here to assist with the validation process if need be.