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1. When does the training start?

At any time as we train on a 1-1 basis around the student’s daily schedule.

2. Is there financing available?

We provide referrals to several financial institutions that offer funding for pilot training.

3. What will be the daily training schedule?

There may be half or full day sessions depending on the availability of both the student and instructor. Scheduling also depends on which portion of the curriculum the student is currently working on. However, the student will ultimately determine their own training schedule.

4. What are the payment options?

A student may pay for the entire course up front, in increments, or pay as you go with a credit card on file. We also accept cash, checks, Zelle, and wire transfers as we are flexible in allowing our students several options for funding their flight training.

5. What are the differences between part 61 and part 141?

Course requirements and guidelines of the syllabus vary, as well as the time and hours required by the FAA for completion.

6. What are the additional costs not listed in the course outline?

There are examiner fees, pilot supplies, and living expenses not included in the course outline.

7. How can I enroll?

For new applicants, we’ve created a dedicated Admission page where you can download the Enrollment Application. Simply fill out the application, attach the necessary documents, and submit everything through our online form. Once received, our team will reach out to schedule an in-person meeting at the school to finalize paperwork and arrange your first lesson. If you have any questions about the admission process, please don’t hesitate to email us or call our office.

8. Are uniforms required?

No. We allow our students to dress in any way they feel most comfortable while training.

9. How does one obtain a medical certificate?

One must register on to fill out the application.  An instructor or staff member will make the medical appointment at one of the several local medical physicians we use.

10. Are housing and accommodation available?

Yes. We have student housing available (Rooms in our Single-Family Home) as well as corporate accounts with local hotels.

11. Are there flight instructor opportunities after graduation?

Yes. Successful completion of the course guarantees an interview for a flight instructor position

12. What is a student pilot certificate?

A student pilot certificate is issued to a pilot in training. It is also a document that is required as a pre-requisite for the student to fly solo in a school’s aircraft.

13. What are the main advantages of SkyEagle over other flight schools?

Our management team and instructors are the most experienced in the industry contributing to a 90 percent-first time pass rate. Competitively priced, we are also one of the most flexible flight school in the country when it comes to scheduling and payment as we are focused on the needs and success of the student.

14. How long does it take to obtain an ATPL and how much does it cost from zero time?
  • Obtain a commercial pilot certificate (CPL ME) which takes approximately 6 months and earns 250 hours of flight time which costs $53,000.
  • One must time build to 1500 hours by working as a pilot in optional fields such as flight instructing, charter, cargo, etc.
  • When 1500 hours are reached, one will be able to obtain an r ATP Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.