Commercial Helicopter Pilot License

From 24 to 36 weeks

The commercial helicopter pilot license opens up new horizons and allows you to perform helicopter flights for remuneration or hire. This certificate affirms that its operator is proficient, compliant, and can ensure the safety of passengers during all stages of flight.

The examination for the commercial certificate is far more difficult and requires enhanced flying experience and technique. The professional helicopter pilot has to perform all complex maneuvers safely such as landings and takoffs among challenging terrain. The pilot will also need to know the extensive aircraft systems as well as the principles of helicopter aerodynamics.

Minimum entry requirements for candidates:
  • A Private Pilot Certificate;
  • At least 150 hours of flight time, which includes at least 100 hours in a powered aircraft where at least 50 hours were performed in a helicopter;
  • At least 100 hours as the pilot in command, including 35 hours in a helicopter and 10 hours of cross-country helicopter flights;
  • 20 hours of training flights with an instructor in accordance with the Commercial Helicopter Pilot Program.

The student must also pass a theoretical written exam, as well as a check-ride with an examiner.

Time Building

Those students who have completed the helicopter private pilot course but still needs additional time to meet the commercial requirements, may time build to gain those hours or enroll in the Instrument Course for Helicopters.

Enrollment application
Course duration24-36 weeks
Course price$19,100
Available for US and foreign citizens
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Minimum Requirements for Helicopter CPL
  • 18 years old to start program
  • 2nd class medical certificate
  • Education: no requirements
  • English: upper intermediate