Helicopter Pilot Training Programs

Robinson R44

Earning a Private Helicopter Pilot’s License brings an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Unlike other aircraft, helicopters can fly at a low altitude at any speed from 0 to 130 knots. The helicopter allows the pilot and passengers to reach remote locations, which cannot be accessed by any other means of transportation.

The helicopter pilot has many unique and challenging tasks.  Some include short charters or tours, delivery of goods to oil rigs, flights over pipelines, and tower installations.  The top qualified helicopter pilots are flight paramedics and police officers.

The helicopter can also be used for personal or business use to travel to a meeting or a weekend family getaway in the country house.  One can also fly helicopters for sport and competition, attempting to break various world records.

At the SkyEagle Academy you can take a full helicopter pilot training program, starting from a private pilot license and ending with an instructor license. We use Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters during our training programs.
We really love to fly helicopters, it is our passion, and we want to share this passion with you!

Helicopter flights can be performed at an altitude of 150 meters or higher, which allows you to see in detail the chic beaches, villas and skyscrapers that stand along the coast.

A private helicopter pilot’s license is the first step on a long path of mastering the principles of vertical flight.

A special transition course for airplane pilots who want to retrain for a helicopter.

A commercial helicopter pilot’s license allows you to fly a helicopter for a fee or for hire

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Available for US and foreign citizens
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