Single Engine & Multi Engine Time Building Courses

Obtaining flight hours

We understand that an aspiring pilot usually needs to get flight hours somewhere, which are essential for a new license or employment in an airline. In general, an additional and non-training flight time is required between the private pilot license (35-40 flight hours) and the commercial pilot license (minimum requirements are 200-250 hours).

Therefore, any student has to fly around 100-150 hours in order to fulfill requirements of the commercial pilot license. You can use any aircraft from our fleet to obtain necessary flight time. Aircraft for time-building are available on the following conditions:

  • special price is valid only for packages of 20 hours
  • time-building price is for solo flights to obtain necessary hours and not acceptable for students (except time-building is a part of training for “Professional Program”) or for flights with instructor
  • for your convenience you can choose the type of payment – “dry” price (excluding fuel) or “wet” price (with fuel)
  • packages pre-payment 100%, non-refundable.
Price for aircraft rental

Rental prices range from $175/hr up to $325/hr. All our airplanes are rented wet, which includes fuel and oil. Rental rates subject to change