The 141 Private Pilot Tutorials in English have been published on SkyEagle Academy’s YouTube channel.  This course was presented to a group of students in January 2020 at our Academy in Moscow.

The entire American education has been built on self-study making the FAA course curriculum in tune with today’s technology.  All aviation textbooks are available for free download at We recommend the following training materials:

For Basic Aviation Knowledge:

For Oral Exam Preparation:

Written Exam Preparation:

For English Language Test and Radio Communication Preparation:

  • Language courses or individual lessons (for B2 or Upper Intermediate level);
  • Aviation English Study ( and textbook Say again, please!)

Video courses and online ground school:

We do not conduct individual training via Skype or any other remote outlet. We conduct distance training (webinars) in a group setting and we are experienced with “traveling school learning” as we did in Moscow.  If you are interested in distance training, please send your request to [email protected]