In 2020, SkyEagle Aviation Academy has implemented its own online learning system – Learning Management System (LMS). The Private Pilot Course in both Russian and English Language, as well as The Radio Communication Course, are available on the website.

The 141 Private Pilot Tutorials in English have been published on SkyEagle Academy’s YouTube channel.  This course was presented to a group of students in January 2020 at our Academy in Moscow.

The entire American education has been built on self-study making the FAA course curriculum in tune with today’s technology.  All aviation textbooks are available for free download at We recommend the following training materials:

For Basic Aviation Knowledge:

For Oral Exam Preparation:

Written Exam Preparation:

For English Language Test and Radio Communication Preparation:

  • Language courses or individual lessons (for B2 or Upper Intermediate level);
  • Aviation English Study ( and textbook Say again, please!)

Video courses and online ground school:

We do not conduct individual training via Skype or any other remote outlet. We conduct distance training (webinars) in a group setting and we are experienced with “traveling school learning” as we did in Moscow.  If you are interested in distance training, please send your request to [email protected]