Academy Resources

All you need for quality education

SkyEagle Aviation Academy offers the highest standards of airmanship training available, in accordance with FAA approved and certified programs.

We specialize in the following training programs:

  1. Private Pilot Aircraft-Single Engine Land
  2. Private Pilot Aircraft-Multi Engine Land
  3. Private Pilot Helicopter
  4. Instrument Rating both for aircraft and helicopter pilots
  5. Commercial Pilot Aircraft-Single Engine Land
  6. Commercial Pilot Aircraft-Multi Engine Land
  7. Commercial Pilot Helicopter
  8. Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Single Engine Land
  9. Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Multi Engine Land
  10. Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter

Additional Courses:

  1. Transition Program from Airplane to Helicopter
  2. Transition Program from Helicopter to Airplane
  3. Single Engine to Multi Engine Transition Course
  4. Multi Engine to Single Engine Transition Course
  5. Foreign Certificate Validation
  6. Spin Training
  7. UPRT Training
  8. Tailwheel Training and Endorsement
  9. Airbus A320 Familiarization Course

We DO NOT train:

  1. Aircraft Mechanics
  2. Flight Attendants
  3. Air Traffic Controllers

You can find a full list of our courses here.

Helicopters and Airplanes

You cannot train pilots without utilizing an actual aircraft or flight training device. Our entire fleet, which is independently owned and operated by SkyEagle, are housed on our property, along with our own independent maintenance team overseeing all safety operations.

All aircraft go through the rigorous 100-hour inspection in accordance with the requirements set forth by the manufacturers and the FAA, as well as routine maintenance every 50 hours.

Being that our aircraft are used for certified training programs, they are frequently inspected by the FAA to ensure they are deemed fit for operation safety.


We have several classrooms with various capacities – from 3 up to 30 people. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, office equipment, projectors, charts, posters, and other materials necessary for lectures.

Lobby and reception zones are equipped with computers in order to get actual weather forecasts and actual NОТАМS. Phones are available for briefings. In our library we have FAR/AIM, flight manuals, forms for weight and balance calculation, navigation plan calculations, and flight-plan submission information. Academy instructors will demonstrate how to perform ground and pre-flight training, to receive weather reports, and analyze weather radar.