Airline Transport Pilot License

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If you are an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot Certificate) or CPL holder of a Foreign (ICAO) license – you are able to receive your FAA Certificate by clicking here to start the process: Foreign ATP and Commercial Pilots.

In our Academy, you can also go through the training program and pass an exam to obtain an ATP license (airline pilot) required to perform the functions of the pilot-in-command of an aircraft. Most of US part 121/part 135 carriers require the ATP license for employment. Similar requirements are found in legislation of most airlines in other countries. If your dream is to fly an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 you will need this certificate to become a member of the flight crew.

An Airline Transport Pilots License certificate gives you the ability to carry passengers in authorized commercial operations. Pilots with an ATP certificate will meet the hiring minimums of most regional airline pilot jobs. An ATP certification will also open job opportunities with various corporate and private air carriers.

Due to the legislation changes in The United States, effective August 2014, the requirements for ATP certification are stricter and more complex. The prerequisite for allowing you to take the written exam is the mandatory ATP-CTP course. This course, which must be taken at an FAA-approved flight center, includes 30 hours of ground and 10 hours of flight simulation. ATP-CTP course is now available at SkyEagle Aviation Academy.

As a part of the program,  we are working in conjunction with an authorized training center to offer this type of training. After the completion of The ATP-CTP course, the candidate will be able to take the written exam in our testing center and prepare for a checkride with an FAA-examiner. Since January 2019, we have been offering this class, which starts on a weekly basis.

After passing the written test, the candidate may choose the training method for obtaining the ATP Certificate.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for an airline transport pilot certificate, a person must meet the following requirements:

  •  must have aeronautical experience in accordance with FAR 61.159 (airplane category rating) or FAR 61.161 (helicopter class rating);
  • For an airline transport pilot certificate obtained under the aeronautical experience requirements be at least 21 years of age;
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language;
  • Holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating issued under this part;
  • Meet the military experience requirements to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate, and an instrument rating if the person is a rated military pilot or former rated military pilot of an Armed Force of the United States; or
  • Holds either a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges or a foreign commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, that was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and contains no geographical limitations.

After July 31, 2014, for an airline transport pilot certificate with an airplane category multiengine class rating or an airline transport pilot certificate obtained concurrently with an airplane type rating, receive a graduation certificate from an authorized training provider certifying completion of the airline transport pilot certification training program before applying for the knowledge test;

  • Meet the aeronautical experience requirements of this subpart that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought before applying for the practical test;
  • Pass a knowledge test on the aeronautical knowledge areas that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought;
  • Pass the practical test on the areas of operation that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought.

Source: FAR 61.153

ATP License Types

SkyEagle Aviation Academy specializes in:
  • Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Single Engine Land License
  • Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Multi Engine Land (with or without type rating training) License
  • Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter License

Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Single Engine Land License and Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Multi Engine Land License are two different types of licenses. It is necessary to obtain the Multi Engine Rating which is required for every pilot who plans to fly higher performing aircraft with two or more engines.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Applying to ATP License
  • Logbook (1500 total flight time, 250 FH as a PIC);
  • FAA Commercial Pilot license Letter of Verification (for foreign CPL or ATPL holders);
  • ATP-CTP Course (it is necessary only for Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft-Multi Engine Land License);
  • Written test;
  • Type Rating Training (a candidate must become familiar with all aspects of the aircraft prior to the check ride);
  • To pass a check ride exam (a candidate will receive both The Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and Type Rating for the selected aircraft)


An ATP license airplane multi-engine land

The FAA regulations require an airman to hold a type rating when flying for a particular air carrier with aircraft having a weight of over 12,500 pounds. This option is suitable for most pilots, who have more than 1,500 flight hours and do not know the extent of the exact make and model they will be flying on.

A type rating is not required for most carriers who fly aircraft that weights less than 12,500 pounds.

For this reason, we offer candidates the option to conduct their training in one of our light twin aircraft. The short course consists of 7-10 hours of flight training, as well as 10 hours of ground school. A candidate must become familiar with all aspects of the aircraft prior to the checkride.

The examination is carried out on the exact aircraft the candidate has trained on.  Upon successful completion of the check ride, the airman will receive the FAA ATP Multiengine Certificate.

ATP + Type Rating

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate / Type Rating Simultaneously 

If the candidate is positive as to which aircraft he will fly during his career, we will be able to provide the combination of ATP and Type Rating Training (A320).

After successful completion of this training program,  the candidate will receive both The Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and Type Rating for the selected aircraft.

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