How to Get Pilot License (PPL)

Duration is 2.5 – 3 months

A Private Pilot License, or a Private Pilot Certificate in the US, provides foundational knowledge for all future aircraft pilot training. Obtaining your PPL allows you to fly an airplane on personal need.

Our Private Pilot Training Course (PPL program) is FAA certified and approved Part 141 course. It has been reviewed and approved by the FAA for compliance with satisfactory educational quality standards.

In 2014, we received the Part 141 certificate, which allows the students to save time and money due to less flight time required for completion of the pilot course. This course is also available for International Students with Student Visa support.

If flying is your dream, the PPL is your first step. If you have any flight experience we can also offer training according to FAR part 61.

If you currently hold a private pilot certificate from any other country, you may be interested in our Validation program which is offered by our Academy.

If you already have time in an airplane or rotorcraft, you may be interested in our Individual Education Program based on Part 61 requirements.

We also offer an accelerated PPL training program for students who want to complete their training as expeditiously as possible.  A student may receive their Private Pilot Certificate in as little as five weeks. Contact us if you are interested in enrolling for this program.

A Private Pilot is an airman who has the ultimate freedom and luxury of flying wherever and whenever they choose. There is no need to deal with busy commercial airport terminals, TSA lines, or baggage hassles. You just drive to your airplane, file your flight plan, and go. A Private Pilot holder may purchase or rent an aircraft for business or pleasure. Pilots licence gives them the opportunity to take an exciting journey with family and friends to enjoy the tranquility of flight. It also gives the freedom to travel to exciting destinations such as The Bahamas, Key West, or the Rocky Mountains. Many pilots use their aircraft for business purposes. Being a Private Pilot not only limits you to fly in the United States, but allows you to use your privileges all over the world.

Course Program

Minimum part 141 requirements: 35 flight hours, 35 ground school

This course consists of three stages which include obligatory ground and flight training. Each completed stage is followed by an exam administered by the chief pilot or a senior flight instructor. All courses are carried out in accordance with the Jeppesen Certified Training Program and Syllabus.

Stage 1
Initial Training

During the first stage, students will learn the airframe, ground operations (pre-flight preparation), aeronautical meteorology, basic maneuvers, radio communications, and emergency procedures. Students must then take the stage check as well as the FAA written exam. Upon successful completion of both, the student will be given the opportunity to conduct their first solo-flight.

Stage 2
Cross-Country Flights

During the second stage of the program, the student continues to study the properties and capabilities of the aircraft, flight planning, weight and balance, and navigation. In conjunction, they will perform several solo flights in preparation for their first solo cross-country flight. The successful completion of the second stage check will enable the student to carry out this flight.

Stage 3
Checkride Preparation

The final stage includes the preparation for the theoretical and practical examination, known as The Check Ride. This is administered by a Certified FAA examiner. During this time, the students will conduct several cross-country flights as well as master their flying skills in accordance with the standards required by the FAA. They will also be preparing for the oral portion of the check ride as well. In order for a student to be scheduled for their check ride, they must pass the final stage checks administrated by the chief pilot.


The Checkride is broken down into two phases; the theoretical (Oral) and practical (Flight) exams. During the oral exam, the examiner will ask the student various types of questions pertaining to knowledge and theory of the Private Pilot Course. The average time it takes to complete the oral exam is approximately two hours. Once the oral exam is successfully completed, the student and the examiner will partake in the practical exam,  also known as the flight test. Here, the student must demonstrate the ability to execute successful flight maneuvers in accordance to FAA standards, radio communication, air navigation safety, and various take off’s and landings.

Once the flight is concluded and successful, the student will receive his first private pilot certificate: The FAA Private Pilot Certificate.


Download the program and the price of the Private Pilot Course, part 141.

Enrollment application
Course duration2.5 - 3 months
Course price$10,825
Available for US and foreign citizens
Not enough money?
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Minimum Requirements for PPL
  • 16 years old to start program
  • 17 years old for PPL
  • Education: no requirements
  • English: upper intermediate
  • Medical: 3rd class
Private Pilot Course Program
  • 35 ground school
  • 35 flight hours
  • 20 hours with instructor
  • 5 hours of solo flights
  • 5 hours of cross country
  • 3 flight hours at night
  • 10 night landing
  • 3 flight hours IFR
M-1 Visa for Students
We offer student visa M-1 for all international students.
Our Certificates
Our Certificates

Download the program and the price of the Private Pilot Course, part 141.

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