FAA Written Test

Our Academy has all the resources necessary for pilot training, including our own FAA testing center. The center is equipped for all pilots to take written exams for the following programs: Private PilotInstrument RatingCommercial PilotProfessional Pilot, Airline Transport PilotCFI Academy.

Most exams allow for a two hour time limit and require a minimum score of 70 percent or higher to achieve a passing grade. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt,  the student must be re-evaluated by a flight instructor and receive another endorsement.

The SkyEagle Testing Center is open Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Requirements for the written test:

  • Pre-register by obtaining an FTN number from the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA System). 
  • After creating this FTN, you must log into the PSI website and create an account.
  • You must then continue to register, schedule and pay for the exam
  • You must bring your log book with the required certificate or endorsement signed by a Certified Flight Instructor
  • You should bring your own calculator, plotter, and E6B Flight Computer
  • Use of mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, and reference material is strictly prohibited.

The test results are automatically downloaded to the FAA Database at which that time the student will receive a print out of the final test results.  This printout also my be provided to the FAA Examiner when conducting the check ride.