SkyEagle Aviation Academy Fleet

SkyEagle operates its own fleet

The school owns all of our aircraft. We have a 100% full access at any time, to the aircraft we use for training. Besides flight training, we provide aircraft rentals to our graduates.
We have three hangars. One of them is specially equipped for aircraft maintenance. We perform not only the obligatory 100-hour inspections, but also voluntary 50-hours maintenance work in order to keep our fleet in proper condition all year round. School mechanics service aircraft on a daily basis and in the event of a failure of any machine or mechanism, all repairs are made within one day.
The core of our fleet consists of seven C172 aircraft, which are used for Private Pilot training,  Instrument Rating preparation, Commercial Pilot license, ATP Single engine and CFI/CFII training. We also use light twin engine aircraft Beechcraft Duchess BE76 for multiengine training (PPL, CPL and ATP).

All our airplanes are certified for IFR flights, equipped with two radio stations and VOR/ILS/LOC equipment.


Robinson R44
Cessna 172N | N37SE
Cessna 172N | N13SK
Cessna 172N | N737BA
BeechCraft Duchess (N976CA)
Cessna 172N | N32YA
Cessna 172N | N1073F
Cessna 172N | N41ME