Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport


All our training flights are carried out at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, which has one of the most convenient locations and the best infrastructure in all of South Florida.

The airport has two runways, up to 1800 meters (6000 feet) each, to landing of almost all types of air vessels, including large business jets. The airport is equipped with the means for instrument ILS approach (runway 09), as well as RNAV/GPS approach (runway 27). This allows us to fly in any weather conditions and practice instrument approaches.

Our training zone is located 12 miles west-northwest from the airport. We spend minimal time getting to the training zone. The region’s various navigation means allow us to perform as visual flights as well as instrument flights (using air routes and ground-based radio resources).

The main operator of the airport is one of the best FBO in the USA – Banyan Air. FBO services include fuel, hangars, parking lots, aircraft repair and maintenance, business terminal, the Jet Runway Cafe and the biggest store in the region for pilots. All the Banyan Air resources are totally free for our students.

The airport doesn’t accept any regular flights. Several training schools are located here, as well as several charter companies, and a huge variety of private aircraft. The airport has up to 400 take-offs and landings during the day, which allows our students to practice radio communication and flight operations in a fairly saturated airspace. We avoid spending a lot of time waiting for taxiing and takeoff / landing.

We also use several neighboring airports to practice take-off and landing on various runways with different length and wind direction, as well as various types of instrumental approach (VOR, VOR/DME-A, RNAV, NDB and so on). These airports are Pahokee, Pompano, Boca Raton, Opa Locka, North Perry, Okeechobee and more.