Charting the Course for a Professional Pilot Career

Are you passionate about aviation but lack experience in flying? Do you dream of becoming a Commercial pilot, whether it is for airlines, charter services, or cargo transport? The Professional Pilot Program offered by SkyEagle Aviation Academy is tailored just for you. This all-encompassing program caters to individuals who have never been inside an airplane cockpit but aspire to become commercial pilots. SkyEagle Aviation Academy, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (24 miles from Miami), provides a safe and efficient pathway for aspiring pilots to achieve their dreams.

From zero experience to a certified Commercial pilot, SkyEagle’s Professional Pilot Program equips you with the necessary skills and qualifications in just 6-8 months. Our Academy has guided numerous successful students who have launched rewarding careers in the aviation industry, all beginning with the foundational training provided by SkyEagle Aviation.

The cornerstone of the Professional Pilot Training Program is its curriculum, covering all courses required to obtain a Commercial Pilot License Single-engine (SE) or Multi-Engine (ME), including Instrument Ratings (IR). Graduates of our program receive these vital certifications, opening doors to numerous career opportunities in the aviation sector.

At SkyEagle Aviation Academy, we recognize the importance of providing industry-leading resources to our students. Our program offers everything you need for successful flight training, ensuring that you emerge as a competent and confident Commercial pilot.

Whether you envision yourself piloting commercial jets, overseeing charter flights, or managing cargo transport operations, SkyEagle Aviation’s Professional Pilot Program is your gateway to a fulfilling career in aviation.

Join us at SkyEagle Aviation and embark on a journey towards becoming a Professional pilot. Let us guide you towards achieving your aspirations with expertise and dedication. Your dream of a career in aviation awaits – start your adventure with SkyEagle Aviation today.

Join us at SkyEagle Aviation and embark on an exciting journey towards realizing your dream of becoming a Professional pilot. Let our experienced team guide you every step of the way and start your adventure with SkyEagle Aviation Academy today!

Professional Program Flow Chart

At SkyEagle Aviation Academy, we provide individuals with two comprehensive options: CPL Single Engine and CPL Multi-Engine training programs. These programs are designed to equip you with the skills and qualifications necessary to obtain your Commercial Pilot License. Whether you choose to focus on Single-engine (SE) or Multi-engine (ME) aircraft, our experienced instructors will guide you through training to ensure your success in the aviation industry.

Commercial pilot Single-Engine Flow Chart

Commercial pilot Multi-Engine Flow Chart

Stage 1

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot course comprises a minimum of 35 hours of ground school and 35 hours of flight instruction. Following completion of these components, students will undergo a written exam and a checkride. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

Stage 2

Instrument Rating

Immediately following the completion of the Private Pilot Program, students seamlessly transition into our Instrument Rating Program. This program equips students with the skills and experience necessary to conduct instrument operations in conditions of reduced visibility.

The Instrument Rating Program is essential as the majority of commercial flights operate under Instrument Flying Rules (IFR). Program includes a minimum of 30 hours of ground school and 35 hours of flight instruction. Flight training is conducted using both our state-of-the-art RedBird Flight Simulator and actual aircraft.

Upon completing the required training, students undergo a written exam and checkride. Successful candidates are then awarded the FAA Instrument Rating, which is appended to their Private Pilot Certificate.

Stage 3

Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land

During Instrument Course training, students can simultaneously pursue their Commercial Pilot Certificate, resulting in both time and cost savings. Our Part 141 Commercial Pilot Course Curriculum comprises 120 flight hours and 35 hours of advanced ground school.

A significant portion of the curriculum focuses on solo flight, meeting specific flight distance requirements. Since these flights are conducted solo, students save on flight instructor fees.

Training within this program utilizes various aircraft to enhance flight skills and comply with FAA regulations. Additionally, students must accumulate a minimum of 10 hours of flight time in complex or advanced avionics aircraft.

Stage 4

Commercial Pilot, Multi Engine Land

In addition to acquiring the Single-engine Commercial Pilot Certificate, obtaining the Multi Engine Rating is essential. This rating is mandatory for pilots intending to operate higher-performance aircraft with two or more engines. Students will undergo training for this rating using our multi-engine aircraft: The Beechcraft Duchess (BE-76).

With the completion of this phase, the vocational stage of pilot training concludes. However, this marks just the beginning of your flying career. Continuing education is necessary to progress towards the goal of becoming an airline pilot. Please refer to the chart below for the next stages in the program:

Professional Pilot Career

Step into the cockpit and envision your journey with SkyEagle Aviation Academy. From a student’s viewpoint, our program lays out a clear trajectory leading to potential job offers in your country. Unlocking diverse employment opportunities in the aviation industry through CFI training, jet transition, charters, cargo operations, and finally ATPL certification. Let us guide you towards your dream career in aviation. Join us at SkyEagle Aviation Academy and turn your aspirations into reality.

Additional Education

Upon completion of the Professional Pilot Program at SkyEagle Aviation Academy, international students will have accrued approximately 200 flight hours. While this amount may not meet the hiring requirements of most airlines and charter companies, which typically seek pilots with around 800 to 1500 flight hours, there are alternative pathways to consider.

Charter companies and major domestic airlines often prioritize candidates with higher flight hours. Therefore, individuals interested in pursuing a career in aviation may find it advantageous to become a flight instructor to gain valuable experience. SkyEagle provides training tailored to meet the goals of those looking to become flight instructors, offering the best education possible to prepare them for this role.

The Professional Pilot Training Program at SkyEagle is designed to be efficient and cost-effective, providing international students with the necessary training for employment opportunities. Additionally, the program offers flexibility to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Flight Instructor Academy


Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is an excellent strategy for advancing your career in aviation. To excel in this role, it’s crucial to not only demonstrate proficient flying skills but also master aviation theory. Moreover, emphasis should be placed on learning effective teaching methodologies and understanding the principles of human psychology.

If your goal is to obtain an ATP Certificate, accumulating a minimum of 1500 flight hours is mandatory. Working as a flight instructor offers a practical path to reaching this requirement. Typically, it takes around two years of experience as a flight instructor to accumulate the necessary flight hours to qualify for the ATP Certificate.

Embracing the role of a flight instructor not only enhances your flying proficiency but also provides invaluable teaching experience that can significantly propel your career in the aviation industry.

To qualify for a flight instructor position at SkyEagle Aviation Academy, candidates must be either a U.S. Citizen or Resident, or possess valid work authorization permitting employment in the U.S. Additionally, candidates must have successfully completed all required flight training courses, including the necessary flight instructor courses.

Advantages Of Our Professional Pilot Program

  • In our professional program, we follow the guidelines outlined in section 141 of the US Federal Aviation Regulations. These regulations set the minimum total time requirements. Under our program, you will only need 190 hours of total flight time, compared to the 250 hours required under Part 61.
  • Our Program is structured around an FAA Certified Syllabus, ensuring a systematic approach to your training. Each lesson is carefully monitored and logged, following the syllabus closely. Any deviations from the syllabus are only made if there are unforeseen circumstances preventing the lesson from proceeding as planned. In such cases, the reason for the deviation is documented in your student record.
  • At SkyEagle Aviation Academy, we prioritize your safety and success by providing a structured and regulated training environment that adheres to FAA standards. With our program, you will receive deep training while fulfilling the requirements for your pilot certification.

Dive into our all-in-one pilot training program, designed to take you from zero to Commercial Pilot seamlessly. With expert instructors and top-tier resources, we cover every essential step in one integrated course.

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