Andrey Borisevich

CEO, Training and Development manager of Academy, responsible for new training programs, emerging markets, marketing and business strategy
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Andrey Borisevich entered the world of aviation at a young age, starting with training at a technical-aviation club when he was 10 years old. He then studied in an aviation design class, learning subjects such as aerodynamics, aircraft and engine design, and material resistance during his 8th and 9th grades of middle school. After finishing school, Andrey ventured into IT and computer technologies. However, in his mature years, he returned to aviation, first obtaining a private pilot license in 2006 and then a helicopter pilot license in 2011. Despite this, aviation did not become Andrey’s main professional activity until 2013, when he went to the United States to fulfill his longstanding dream of becoming a professional pilot and starting his career with the airlines.

After training as a commercial pilot, Andrey did not stop there; he also became an airline pilot and obtained CFI / CFII / MEI instructor qualifications. His experience spans a wide range of aircraft types – from simple single-engine piston airplanes to A320, HondaJet, VisionJet, and LJ 60.

His passion for the skies is not limited to airplanes. Andrey has gained extensive helicopter flying experience across Europe and the USA. The pilot has covered many miles, showing his students that no boundaries can prevent them from achieving their goals.

A highlight of his career was the first Belarusian circumnavigation in a small single-engine piston Cessna-182 in 2018, completed with his friend and colleague, Alexander Tsenter ( and The journey took about 30 days and over 150 hours of flight time. This event was not only a milestone for Andrey but also for the entire aviation community.

In addition to accomplishing the first round-the-world flight for Belarusians, which is a national record in itself, the pilots also set a world speed record for a straight-line segment between two points on their route in this class of aircraft. The record was certified by the international organization FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale).

FAI record

Andrey continues to improve his skills, explore new technologies, and leverage every opportunity to advance the aviation industry. For instance, he runs a YouTube channel where he reviews airplanes, answers questions about a pilot’s career, and shares his experience and knowledge in aviation. This information is particularly valuable and helpful for aspiring and beginner pilots.

Andrey has also crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times in small single-engine piston aircraft, which is a challenging and risky endeavor. Successfully completing such a flight requires meticulous planning and professional execution, including weather analysis, monitoring changes, and the use of specialized equipment, as well as communication and navigation tools.

As an instructor and owner of the SkyEagle Aviation Academy flight school, he also seizes every opportunity to introduce others to the wonderful world of flying. For instance, Andrey Borisevich has spent many years engaged in aerobatics and participated in aerobatic competitions, including the US Nationals. As the owner of an Extra 330LX aerobatic aircraft, he has introduced the world of aerobatics to hundreds of future pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Today, Andrey introduces aviation enthusiasts to the world of helicopters (Robinson R44) and his recent acquisition, the amphibious aircraft ICON A5.

Today, Andrey’s flight school is a place where dreams of flying come true. With a fleet of 7 Cessna 172s, 1 Beechcraft Duchess BE 76, a Robinson R44 helicopter, and an ICON A5 amphibian, SkyEagle Aviation offers training from the basic Private Pilot License (PPL) to advanced programs, including Commercial Pilot, Professional Pilot Program, Airline Pilot Program, and EASA ATPL Pilot Program. The personalized approach and vast experience make his school one of the best choices for those looking to master the skies.

For Andrey, aviation is not just a job; it’s his life, his passion. He is a true professional in his field with extensive experience in teaching and flying. Thanks to his Flying Academy, anyone can learn the art of piloting and realize their dream of flying.

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