SkyEagle Aviation Academy uses several modern simulators for students’ training:



Our Academy has available one of the most modern training machines – the RedBird FMX. This training machine has two distinctive features:

  • Its moving platform can create a full simulation of the flight. The cabin moves in space and creates a complete “presence effect”.
  • Changeable cockpits. Our variation of the training machine allows simulating up to 35 various vessels, including multi-engine aircraft. Changeable panels allow us to setup this training machine from in just three minutes – from the Cessna 172 to the Beechcraft Baron or any other available cockpit

Additional features of this simulator include changeable flight conditions: weather, wind, relief and failure imitation. Our experienced instructor will select an optimal training program in order to practice any desired element of the program.

This training machine allows you to save time and money while you prepare to fly in real conditions on a real plane.



We are delighted to offer our students and graduates a completely new and relatively unique service – an “Airbus A320 familiarization course”.  SkyEagle Aviation uses a state-of-the-art Level D full flight simulator located near Fort Lauderdale International Airport.  This is only a 20-minute drive from our academy. This simulator is used for preparing student pilots to fly the majestic Airbus 320. We are especially proud of our cooperation with Avenger which provides us with this simulator since it also accommodates many great organizations such as Spirit Airlines and others training academy.

 We already offer our students several programs using the latest flight simulator Airbus 320 (Level D):

  • Jet orientation course – this program is for student and certified Commercial Pilots to familiarize with the procedures, limitations and performances of the Airbus 320 aircraft for further work in the airlines and continue studying for airline pilot license. The program includes 20 hours of ground instruction in the academy’s classrooms and 4 hours of simulator training for the full flight simulator Airbus 320.
  • We also offer CRM / MCC – crew resource management courses.  This includes the concepts of communication within a multi-member crew, the implementation of normal and emergency procedures, and the distribution of responsibilities within the crew.
  • A320 familiarization course is designed for student pilots, certified pilots and also for just those who are interested in feeling the power, size, and complexity of the Airbus 320. The simulator that we offer together with Avenger is an exact copy of the Airbus 320 it really simulates the behavior of a real aircraft!