SkyEagle Aviation Academy

1707 S. Perimeter Road, Hangar 33A, Fort Lauderdale
(Main building, Hangars)
1801 S. Perimeter Road, Suite 180, Fort Lauderdale
(Ground classes, ATP-CTP courses)
1650 Sand Lake Road, Suite 250, Orlando
(ATP-CTP courses)

SkyEagle Aviation Academy has three facilities: two in the city of Fort Lauderdale, and one in the city of Orlando, FL.

We have several classrooms with various capacities – from 3 up to 30 people. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, office equipment, projectors, charts, posters, and other materials necessary for lectures.

Lobby and reception zones are equipped with computers in order to get actual weather forecasts and actual NОТАМS. Phones are available for briefings. In our library we have FAR/AIM, flight manuals, forms for weight and balance calculation, navigation plan calculations, and flight-plan submission information. Academy instructors will demonstrate how to perform ground and pre-flight training, to receive weather reports, and analyze weather radar.

At SkyEagle Academy,   we emphasize the importance of theoretical training. Unlike most private instructors who prefer to give students literature for self-education, we feel it’s impossible to train the professional pilot without a solid theoretical base. According to our experience, only 10-20% of students can fully prepare themselves for a successful examination without their instructors’ assistance.

Our Academy also has an FAA-certified testing center, where students take the written tests for their training programs. This center is equipped with personal computers, which are connected to the FAA database. Our chef pilot and his assistant are certified to administer all FAA Written Exams.