Recently, a remarkable event took place in a parachute, a new world record was made in the category “biggest vertical formation” (head down) of 164 skydiver’s!

SkyEagle Aviation Academy has been closely involved in this event. Firstly, a partner and co-owner Anton Murashov of SkyEagle Aviation took part in a world record in the construction of the figure, and our helicopter provided air support and threw everyone from a helicopter at a height of 6,000 feet.

For 7 days at Summerfest 2015 in SkyDive, Chicago, we made more than 50 happy skydivers. After the first jump from a helicopter, many returned again and again, during the final day of flight, we performed 12 loads with paratroopers.
Thus, we showed that the helicopter, even a small Robinson R44, can be used in very different ways for air travel, scenic flights, and all aviation operations; including for use in dropping parachutists.

Do not wait to obtain a helicopter pilot license, come to SkyEagle Aviation!!

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