Transition Program

From Airplane to Helicopter

We are glad to introduce our transition course for aircraft pilots who want to be trained to fly a helicopter. This course includes fewer theoretical hours, but requires the very same 40 hours of flight time as the basic private pilot course.

It is normal that airplane pilots take the transition course to become a rotorcraft pilot. However, there are many significant differences in training. Helicopter training requires various maneuvers that need to be conducted with precision such as being able to hover the aircraft in case of an engine failure.

Having a certificate for both airplane and rotorcraft opens up the opportunity to travel by air in many different ways with various scenarios.  The airplane is perfect for flights over long distances at high altitude, while the helicopter is the best choice for short flights at low altitude with the ability to land virtually almost anywhere.

Enrollment application
Course duration2-30 d
Course price$6,800
Available for US and foreign citizens
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