This FAQ consist typical questions about ATP-CTP program.

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1. Does the ATP-CTP course prepare one to pass the ATP written exam?

No. The ATP-CTP course was designed only to bridge the knowledge gap between the level of a 250-hour commercial pilot and a 1500-hour airline pilot.

2. How does one get prepared for the ATP written exam?

We recommend Sheppard Air or Sporty’ test prep software.

3. How long is an ATP-CTP certificate valid for?

An ATP-CTP certificate is valid indefinitely. Upon successful completion of the ATP-CTP Course, the candidate is permitted to take the ATP written exam, which is valid for 60 months thereafter.

4. Is the ATP-CTP course required for the ATP Airplane Single-Engine Land?

No. The ATP-CTP course is only required only for the ATP Multi-Engine Land.