Instrument Flying Handbook: Free Download

Get an Instrument Flying Handbook by FAA, an essential handbook for pilot training. It includes aeronautical knowledge required for instrument flying.

This handbook is designed for pilots who are to prepare for instrument flying. Instrument Flying Handbook corresponds to certification and pilot training established by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate an aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) or without reference to outside visuals.

The book reflects the most commonly used practices and includes all of the aeronautical knowledge required for instrument flying. Readers can find classification of Aerospaces according to ICAO, human factor, aerodynamics, navigation systems, instrument flight rules (IFR), the National Airspace System (NAS), aerobatic maneuvers used in IMC, emergencies, instrument flying for helicopters, and much more. Instructors may find the book a helpful training aid because it includes necessary materials for instrument flight training and many variations in the explanation of aerodynamic theories.