Helicopter Instrument Rating

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Typically, helicopter flights are performed under visual flight rules (VFR), but the ability to use all the helicopter’s equipment and perform instrument flights can significantly enhance the pilot’s flying skills as well as the level of aviation safety.

Most helicopters are certified for instrument flight operations, which allow performing flights in all types of weather conditions. The Instrument Course will also be helpful in flying in areas with poor visibility and heavy precipitation. The achievement of the Instrument Rating will strengthen a pilot’s credentials, as well as making them more of a safer pilot, which will be favorable when it comes time for a job interview and hiring.

In order to obtain the Helicopter Instrument Rating, you need to complete following requirements:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • At least 50 hours of cross-country flights, at least 10 hours of which were performed in a helicopter
  • At least 40 hours of instrument flight (actual or simulated), at least 15 hours of which were performed with an instructor under the instrument rating training program
  • At least 3 hours of training flights with an instructor during last 60 days before the examination
  • One cross-country flight with an instructor for a distance more than 100 miles, performing three landings in different airports, and using three different types of instrument approaches

At the end of the course our graduate receives an additional instrument rating to his or her private or commercial pilot license, which allows performing flights in adverse weather conditions and/or in accordance with the instrument flight rules.
Depending upon your current experience and flight time, the completion of the instrument-rating course can take from 15 to 40 flight hours.

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