Alexander Zhuperin, Helicopter Chief Instructor

Helicopter Chief Instructor Alexander Zhuperin

Aleksander Zhuperin is one of the most outstanding athletes in the world, as well as a Russian Sport Helicopter Pilot. He began flying helicopters in Russia in 2004 and continued on to flying for sport, participating in the Mile Cup Amateur Competition in the Robinson-44 in 2005. He had become a multi-time champion in many other international competitions both in the classical program and in helicopter races all over the world.

Aleksander’s total flight time consists of over 2,800 hours in Robinson Helicopters and over 210 hours in various airplanes. He currently has an FAA Commercial Private Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings for both Airplanes and Helicopters, as well as being licensed in Russia, Canada, and The United Kingdom.

Aleksander was awarded The Master of Sports of Russia in 2012 and 2016.

For his great contribution to the development of world sports aviation, Aleksander continued to earn additional awards from The Federation Aeronautique Internationale, The Paul Tissandier Diploma, and The FAI Sports Medal.

Aleksander continues to make his remarkable contribution to the development of world helicopter sports and is rightfully one of the most respected and influential helicopter instructors in the industry.

SkyEagle Aviation is privileged to have Aleksander as part of the team as he is available to instruct students who have enrolled in our helicopter flight training programs.

Aleksander has received awards from The Federation Aeronautique Internationale, including The Paul Tissandier Diploma and The FAI Sports Medal.