SkyEagle Aviation Academy offers a fundamentally new direction in education. We work with a large number of foreign students and we understand the high expenses of staying in the United States. Therefore, we came up with a way to reduce costs and travel time courses especially for our students from other countries.

We offer a distance learning program with the help of modern means and the Internet. Now you can learn the theory from our instructors comfortably from your home! For this purpose we have developed a system of webinars, online tests and Skype conferences that allow you to learn the entire theory and to prepare for the written test upon arrival to USA. The program includes a full theory course of “private pilot license” program, but involves significantly less hours of theory in the United States. With our webinars, educational literature and Skype conferences, you can go through the whole theory before coming to our academy. After arriving in the first week, you can pass the written test and a focus on the training flight and in-depth work with the instructor on the complex material that is needed to pass a check-ride.

Distance learning is conducted in groups and individually. For more information, call (954) 772-1212 or email [email protected].

You can download the program here.