We love and appreciate our students and customers at SkyEagle Aviation Academy. Therefore, we have decided to start a Pilots Club at SkyEagle Aviation Academy. The SkyEagle Club program is a system of bonuses, that rewards frequent flying pilots, renters, and students. It will also be a platform to exchange experiences, joint flights to interesting places on fascinating routes, air traveling, the search for partners for a time-building and travel for weekend trips. Additional discounts flights in the night, and at other non active hours.

We have seen the success experienced from clubs in California, where private pilots rent aircraft for their own flights. The number of aircraft in these clubs reaches 50-70. We want to create good conditions for private pilots in Florida, where they can rent aircraft to fly with friends or family, for air traveling, to fly for business purposes at attractive prices and receive additional services.

SkyEagle Aviation Club loyalty program benefits

Today we present the first part of the Club – a loyalty program, which allows pilots to significantly reduce the cost of airplane or helicopter rental for their flight. Complete rules and description of the program can be found on our website in the relevant section! In addition to the basic membership of the Club, we will also run a program of preference cards that will be issued to our clients, who flew with us from January 2015 and continue to fly today. Preference cards give their holders discounts for the aircraft rental and training.

We are waiting for you. Join SkyEagle Club and fly cheaper!

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