• When did you all begin your training?

Jun Woo Hyeon: “I started at august.02.2019. (first flight)”

Dongjoe Kim: “I came at the end of September 2019. Due to the TSA problem, I started my flight training in November 15. The whole program (up to Multi) and the time building(around 300 hours) took me almost exactly 6 months.”

  • How difficult was it to study?

Jun Woo Hyeon:  “It’s not so difficult. I think it’s just matter of volume. Too many things to memory…”

Dongjoe Kim: “Because I can speak and understand English, it wasn’t that hard.”

  •  Which of your four check rides did you find most difficult / challenging?

Jun Woo Hyeon: “Multi engine, because this is the last exam. I got flight ticket, I should pass because of this… and when i did this, i really tired, sick, want to go back… so that make me more hard.”

Dongjoe Kim: “Multi-engine checkride was the hardest. It was challenging because I was not used to the airplane that I rent in Brooksville. Also, Multi requires you to do all the maneuvers that I learned through my course.”

  • What is the one most important item you learned from your training experience?

Jun Woo Hyeon: “Be safe”  

Dongjoe Kim: “SAFETY”


  •  During your downtime here in the United States, what was the most exciting thing you did socially?

Jun Woo Hyeon: “Meet new friend in academy and outside of academy learn about different culture.”

Dongjoe Kim: “The most exciting part was I could navigate around cities in Florida with an airplane. I could explore cities, meet new people in FBO, and experience the aviation life.”

  • In a few words, what advice would you give for incoming SkyEagle Students that have enrolled in the Professional Program?

Jun Woo Hyeon: “Keep study hard. it will help a lot.”

Dongjoe Kim: “Fly everyday. Don’t rush but don’t get lazy.”

Beechcraft Duchess, flight instructor and student pilots
Beechcraft Duchess 86 with SkyEagle Aviation Academy students

Cris Freilich, Sales and Service Director: “My impression of both of these students: Jun Woo Hyeon and Dongjoe Kim, was that they were both motivated, hardworking, and diligent. They were always prepared for each and every training session. They had completed their homework assignments in a timely manner and always were ready for the next day’s lesson. They were a great team as they were always there to assist and push each other to achieve their goals. They both have returned to South Korea and will make fine pilots. They will both come back to enroll in our ATP-CTP / ATP program sometime in the future.”

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