Dear friends!

We have an addition in our own fleet! Last week we bought, made all the required inspections and transfer to the new place of job our new plane – C172 G1000.

It is our new flagman, a modern plane with “glass cockpit”, Garmin G1000, in excellent condition, 2005 year of manufacture. The plane is certificated for instrumental flights, occupied with all necessary and actual data bases.

On the base of this plane we offer you our new course – G1000 Transition Course, where you can prepare for flights on the planes with glass cabin, which all the big planes have (business jets, Boing, Airbus etc.)

Trainings on the plane G1000 are ideal for graduates of “Commercial Pilot” Course, who plan to continue career of commercial or airline pilot in airline companies all over the world. Also this plane may be used in the course “Instrumental Rating” for trainings of instrumental flights in “glass cockpit”.

If you want to rent the plane for your own needs (travel, flights with friends etc.), we also propose a brief course of introduction and one hour checkout with academy`s instructor.

Wish you a safe flights on plane N30LU.

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