International Pilot Training

Our academy is concerned not only about the professional training of our students, but also about their comfort and lifestyle, both important for effective learning.

Household stuff

We take care of the revalidation of you national license into an FAA-license, and help with accommodation for foreign students. We can help our students with car rentals, airport transfers, insurance, necessary educational materials, and equipment for flight operations.

Accommodation and car rentals

Many students are studying from scratch to a commercial pilot, which can take from six months to one year. During this period our students live in our Pilot House, drive our vehicles and fly our aircraft and we are really proud of it. You can also become a part of the SkyEagle Team!

Pilot Shop

We have a well-stocked pilot shop, where you can rent all necessary equipment for flights (headsets, GoPro cameras, and literature) or purchase necessary items for flights – logbooks, maps, headsets, and Jeppesen books.

Aviation tourism

For those who work with us in order to obtain flight hours (Time Building), we help you to combine your routes with visits to interesting sights. It is possible to obtain flight hours while visiting interesting places and cities, and learn something new.