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This section is for foreign airline pilots, who have 1500 hours or more of flight time, that are wanting to obtain the FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.


  • How am I able to obtain an FAA ATP Certificate if I am currently employed with a foreign airline and have an A320 Type Rating?

a) Apply for validation and obtain Letter of Verification.

b) Apply for ATP-CTP course, we offer this program twice per month for only $3,999. This is a mandatory course that every ATP multi-engine candidate must complete.

c) Obtain TSA approval for the ATP-CTP course and type rating (if you want to take courses congruently). After arrival in the US, you will be fingerprinted for the TSA database.

d) Complete the ATP-CTP course (7-10 days).

e) Take the ATP Written exam (125 questions for 4 hours, passing score 70%). You may take the exam at our FAA-approved testing facility ($175).

f) Take your ATP training in our light twin aircraft.

g) Pass your ATP Check ride in the same training aircraft.


  • What are the validation process and its’ purpose?

You must send documents and request a Letter of Verification from the Miramar, FL Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). The FAA will confirm that you have a valid pilot certificate in another country. This process, which takes up to 90 days, is required according to FAA regulations, section 61.153 “Requirements for candidates for a license for ATP FAA” .

It clearly states that a candidate for an FAA ATP must:

(a) Hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating

(b) Meet the military experience requirements under § 61.73 to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating.

(c) Hold either a foreign airline transport pilot certificate or foreign commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating which:

(i) Was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation; and

(ii) Contains no geographical limitations.

  • How do I submit documents for validation?

a) Click here for more information

b) Download the application.

c) Complete, sign, and scan the application.

d) Scan your valid medical certificate. It must be bilingual which contains your full name as it appears on both your passport and pilot certificate.

e) Scan your foreign pilot certificate and send it to


  • What is the TSA? Why is it necessary to get TSA approval? How do I obtain approval? 

NOTE: TSA Instruction ATP-CTP and ATP

TSA – Transportation Security Administration. This is the same agency that provides the security screening at all US airports. They also screen incoming foreign student pilots training at US flight schools. After September 11, 2001, all foreign students applying for a Private Pilot and ATP Certificate with an Instrument and Multi-Engine Rating are required to go through this process. The purpose of the screening is to prevent another tragedy that unfolded during these attacks.  All of the hijackers had received flight training in the US to some extent without being screened. You must visit the TSA website, to register and apply for training at a specific educational institution. When submitting an application, you must be knowledgeable of what school you will be training at, as this will be the service provider listed on the document. If after the confirmation of TSA, you decide to change schools, you will have to file a new application and pay a new fee, which is $130 for each request. If you apply for ATP-CTP and Type Rating, there will be two applications.
After TSA examines your application to satisfaction, you will then need to do your fingerprints. You may either obtain at a local law enforcement agency, or we can make arrangements with our own in-house representative for a $60 fee.

  1. The TSA application process can take 4-5 weeks. You may view your application progress on the TSA website. Please, keep in mind that you give yourself plenty of time, prior to the start of your training, for this process, as you will not be able to start if your TSA has not been approved.
  2. Please keep in mind you are careful when addressing your first and last name on the TSA application. There has been confusion in the past regarding the placement of proper names, which causes issues down the road. How you address your name on the TSA application will be the same on your pilot and medical certificate as they all must be congruent.
  3. The turnaround time for the fingerprinting process takes two days so be sure you arrive to the US in a timely manner to prevent a late start to training.


  • How much is this going to cost me?

a) ATP Multiengine Airplane (No Type Rating):

  • $130 – TSA authorization for the ATP-CTP course
  • $130 – TSA authorization for the ATP course
  • $60 – fingerprints
  • $3,999 – ATP-CTP program
  • $175 – written test
  • $5,000 – a rough estimate of training costs (7-10 hours on a twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess) and a checker with an examiner
  • $1,000 – cash fee to the examiner

Approximate Total: $10,500.

Accommodation, food, and transportation are not included. Plan on staying for at least two weeks.


b) ATP Multiengine Airplane + Type Rating:

  • $130 – TSA authorization for the ATP-CTP course
  • $130 – TSA authorization for the type rating course
  • $60 – fingerprints
  • $3,999 – ATP-CTP program
  • $175 – written test
  • $15,000 – Airbus 320 initial type rating (14-21 days)

Approximate Total: $16,000


c) ATP only (If already Type Rated)

  • $130 – TSA authorization for the ATP-CTP course
  • $130 – TSA authorization for the type rating course
  • $60 – fingerprints
  • $3,999 – ATP-CTP program
  • $175 – written test
  • $8,500 – Airbus 320 type upgrade / Foreign License Conversion

Approximate Total: $14,000

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