Aerobatic flying in SkyEagle's Extra 330LX airplane. Clear prop!
We are pleased to announce that our Extra 330LX aerobatic airplane is back in action after a long hiatus. However, the airplane is up for sale, so this may be your unique and possibly last chance to experience aerobatic flying on this amazing plane with our aerobatic ace and SkyEagle Aviation Academy owner, Andrey Borisevich.
Especially for current SkyEagle Aviation Academy students, we offer a special price of $399 for the flight, and for all others, the price is $499. It is also possible to record your flight using GoPro cameras.
We are also planning to hold a group course for students on the “Basic Aerobatic Figures” program on one of the weekends, tentatively on April 15th and 16th. The cost of the course is $1,299, which includes theoretical preparation in the classroom and two flights for aerobatic basics and stall/spin/spin recovery maneuvers.
Registration for the “Basic Aerobatic Figures” course is available by calling the school or emailing
Registration and payment for a single flight can be made on this page:
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