Indian Requirements details to be completed at SkyEagle Aviation Academy

  1. 50-hour Cross Country statement. Cross country in India is a flight which is more than 100 nm from airport of departure to airport of landing. The overflying points are not considered. Departure and arrival aerodromes have to be more than 100 nm apart.
  2. Certificate of PIC cross-country flight of not less than three hundred nautical miles (300 NM) in the course of which full stop landings at two different aerodromes shall be made. (First leg of cross country shall be a flight to a point beyond a radius of one hundred nautical miles from the aerodrome of departure). Preferably all three legs have to be more than 100 nm. For example, A to B to C to A. (A to B more than 100 nm, B to C more than 100 nm and C to A more than 100 nm).
  3. Statement of 5 hrs. Night Flying as PIC with at least 10 take offs and 10 landings, carried out within six months immediately preceding the date of application for conversion of Licence.
  4. Statement of Instrument time of 40 hrs. (actual/simulated on aircraft – 20 or more; and on simulator 20 or less) and at least 5 hrs. Instrument time on actual/simulated on aircraft in preceding six months (for IR issue).
  5. For endorsement of additional aircraft (Single/Multi) on CPL at the time of issue: The applicant has to ensure that he possesses same current multi-engine type rating/ class rating on foreign license and is required to submit reports of Skill Tests undertaken in preceding six months from the date of application.

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