Air traveling by small private plane – it’s a new way to open our planet from new perspective of view. It’s a unique opportunity to move between cities, airports, countries with high speed at high altitude. It’s an excited experience, beautiful view, blue skies and good friends.

SkyEagle Aviation Academy opened this direction in 2016 for our students and renters. We encourage our best graduates to complete part of training during long X-country flight from East coast to West coast, or South to North. Many and many of our students and customers crossed US and spend hundreds of flight hours in the kind sky of the United States.

Some of routes pretty standard and used for short traveling:

Key West
Orlando / Kissimmee
Cape Canaveral / Space coast / NASA museum
New Orleans
St. Augustin
Naples / Sarasota / Tampa / St. Petersburg
Some of our routes if very long and required special training or instructor / pilot on board.

Cross-country: East coast – West coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles)
National parks: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe etc.
New York – Niagara Falls
Chicago – Niagara Fall
Next year we are ready to offer comfortable traveling for all using the most safe and modern aircraft Cirrus SR20 / SR22 with A/C, full automation and parachute system.

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