Last week three of our students – Edward Berzins, Max Maddock and Dylan Forbes – passed their check-ride successfully and today they get an aerobatic intro flight and spin training as a gift. We use very powerful and maneuverable aircraft, the best for the best, Extra 330LX for aerobatic maneuvers and spin training. Even if spin training required only for Flight Instructors by law, we think that EVERY pilot, even Private pilot student must fly for spin training to be a safer pilot, to know how to avoid spin and how to recover from spin if this happens.

If the guys want to get some proficiency in aerobatic flying after this aerobatic intro flight we will be happy to offer package of 5 lessons (5 hours of flight plus 3 hours of ground instruction) about basic principles of energy management, aerodynamic, and aerobatic maneuvers in our Aerobatic Academy.

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