About SkyEagle Aviation Academy

SkyEagle Aviation Academy – dynamic developing flight school in Florida. We are implementing a strategy of qualitative education for all students from different countries. We focus on high standards in training, experienced and talented instructors and on excellent condition of our own aircraft and helicopters .

Flying. With. Passion.

Our team

Scott Leach
Assistant chief-pilot

Assistant chief-pilot, check airman, CFI / CFII / MEI. Head of distance learning programs.

Andrey Borisevich
Managing partner

Managing Partner of Academy, responsible for emerging markets, marketing and business strategy.

Joe Cannizzaro
Chief pilot

Chief-pilot, check airman, CFI / CFII / MEI. More than 4500 hours.

Gregory Feiss
Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII / MEI. More than 1000 hours.

Konstantin Kukuy
Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII, check airman. More than 4000 hours. Head of Jet Transition program.


Own fleet

We have our own private fleet, which covers all needs of complete training - from popular Cessna C172 to twin-engine Piper Seneca II. 

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Best instructors

We hire only professional and experienced instructors, who trained dozens of pilots. 

Affordable Housing for Our Students

Not only does SkyEagle provide excellent flight training, but we also have equally great housing for our students.  Since this flight academy has students from all over the world.  Consequently, we felt it would be best if we could provide comfortable and affordable accommodations for our highly valued students. Just a short drive from the flight school, SkyEagle Aviation's new home has three bedrooms for rent. In fact, because SkyEagle has our own fleet of cars for rent, we can bundle together the car and the room rental into one package! All of the prices listed below include internet and utilities.
  • Master Bedroom ("Learjet") - $1200 per month or $50 per day
  • Middle size Bedroom ("Cirrus") - $750 per month or $40 per day
  • Small Bedroom ("Cessna") - $600 per month or $30 per day
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Из разных стран

В авиалиниях

Лет в бизнесе


  • В SkyEagle Aviation Academy я проходил Private Pilot ground course и могу сказать, что инструктор Scott Leach определенно один из лучших лекторов в отрасли. Несмотря на то, что занятия шли на английском языке, мне было абсолютно понятно все - от специальной терминологии до правил выполнения полетов в пространстве США. Рекомендую всем - не пропустите следующий курс!
  • Со SkyEagle Aviation я летал уже как сертифицированный пилот после окончания другой школы в Америке и .... все эти дни жалел о том, что не знал об этой школе раньше! У меня остались самые теплые воспоминания о неделях учебы, но полеты с русскоговорящим инструктором - это дополнительная уверенность и комфорт, даже если вы при этом говорите по-английски!
    Sergey Polituchiy
  • I highly recommend Sky Eagle Aviation Academy for anyone who has a dream of soaring the skies or turning piloting into a career. Everyone at the school is so friendly and helpful. I earned my Private Pilot Certificate with SkyEagle a month ago and I can say that my experience at this school was truly pleasant. The instructors are also top notch and highly trained. This is a really great school and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to begin their flight training.
    Lethal John